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Friday, August 6, 2010

Recent Devlopments

Kalahandi also is an example of disparity /contrasts that exist in many part of developing/underdeveloped world. On the one side, this district is famous for famine and starvation deaths: this is the same district that boasts of among the Highest Number of Rice Mills in Orissa. The number of rice mills in the district was around 150 in the year 2004-05. More than 70% have been built in the five years after commissioning of the Indravati project. The rice mill business is so lucrative that businessman from adjoining districts and states have invested directly or indirectly. Most of the rice mills purchase paddy from the government allotted villages through panchayat and sell the rice to Food Corporation of India. As many rice mills are competing for paddy, the price paid the farmers has increased in the recent past. But much needs to be done as the Rice mill Owners are primarily profit-oriented. No remarkable Farmers' Movement is seen in the areas so far. To articulate the voice & rights of the Kalahandia, people have waited for a 'mahatma'to descend amidst them.

some development in the recent past has shown some sign of progress. The Indravati Water Project, second biggest in the state has changed the landscape of southern Kalahandi, leading to two-three crops in a year. Because of this, blocks like Bhawanipatna, Jayapatna, Dharamgarh, Junagarh are witnessing rapid agriculural growth. Vedanta Alumina Limited (VAL), a subsidiary of Sterlite Industries, a major aluminium processor has made major investments in the Kalahandi-Koraput range to establish an alumina refinery at Lanjigarh. This project has been controversial since its announcement and has received criticism from environmentalists. Once this project is completed, it could be a big catalyst for industrial development in the region.

Orissa government has also set up a private medical college with a tie up with one South India based organisation in on Jaring near Junagarh block of Kalahandi. This has the potential of changing the health infrastructure of the adjoining blocks in the locality. Recently Orissa state Government has announced to establish a Government Engineering College and an Agriculture College at Bhawanipatna but local demand for a Central University in Kalahandi has not been accomplished.All this new steps for kalahandi are bring the bright future for the local peoples of this district.