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Monday, January 30, 2017

Wildlife at Kalahandi

Kalahandi has earmarked numerious wildlife  to protect its Flora and Fauna. Kalahandi district is the home of the most beautiful places and also rich in wildlife.

The famous wildlife of the Kalahandi district is the Karlapat.


Karlapat is nearly 35km away from Bhawanipatna ,the district headquarter of Kalahandi. On the Bhawanipatna-Thuamula Rampur road is karlapat situated. This area is famous for its charming wildlife. The dense vegetation of the area is a host to a variety  of flora and fauna. It has varieties of wildlife ,particularly Tigers,Sambars,Leopards,gaurs and Chitals are abound in these forest tracts.

Apart from the fabulous tigers,leopards,chitals,sambar and numerous other animals roam about doing their daily business unhampered. Forest officials have also spotted pugmarks of Cheetahs within the forest.

Karlapat is a small village in Th.Rampur Police Station area. Nearby, there is a Water fall called "Khandual" fall at the foot of a hill the top of which is the abode of a female deity called "Khandua". The fall was formerly utilised in some indigenous manner of operating a crushing mill. At Karlapat there is a temple dedicated to "MANIKESWARI".

Other regions such as Debrigarh and Sunabeda are also rich in wildlife.